Frequently Asked Questions



You might have questions, but don't worry, we've got answers.

Counseling... what does it even mean?

Sometimes the thought of counseling makes people nervous, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s nothing wrong with inviting a “third person”, someone outside of a situation, for an objective conversation. As humans, we were meant to live in community with each other. But in our hyper-complex, fast paced society, finding the right community can often be difficult. It’s possible to be surrounded by people but feel incredibly alone and lost. Life doesn’t always make sense. Stuff happens. Regardless of the situation, every single person on the planet needs a caring and understanding person who will listen. So when you break it down that way, counseling isn’t strange at all. In fact, it’s how we were wired. It’s brilliant, natural and often necessary.

Don’t worry. We’ll pair you up with the person who might best relate to you. See, all of us here have struggled in different ways too, and it’s those experiences that have lead us here to work at thethirdchair. Whatever you’re struggling with, we’ll do our best to help you get through it and be a better and stronger person for it.

Can I afford this?

The simple answer is YES!  3rdchair was founded so that young adults and families could have an option of where to go for counseling regardless of their financial situation.  So even if you’re broke and you’ve never been here, this place is already yours.

With regard to insurance, 3rdchair is paneled with several major insurance companies including BlueCross BlueShield and Priority Health.

Who am I going to be meeting with?

Someone great, that’s for sure! You’ll be meeting with one of our most talented, fantabulous, awesome counselors, who in some way, shape or form, have also experienced some tough things.  Sometimes the only way to fumble forward through life is when there’s someone who understands by your side.  We are people who care and want to see young people succeed.  We’re not perfect by any means but we are darn good listeners.  We may not always have all the answers, but we can certainly offer a listening ear and our unwavering support.

Life is confusing and difficult and the answers aren’t always easy.  You’ll be meeting with someone here who will care.  Someone who will listen with a holy respect for your situation.  It breaks our hearts when young people struggle and have nowhere to turn to.  Everybody here at thethirdchair is all about making sure you’re okay.  Are you okay?  If you are, great!  But if not, that’s okay too.  Come hang out with us sometime.  We’ll do everything we can to help.

We try not to be too scary.  We’ve got games and big couches and if you’re a little shy at first, you can always challenge us to a board game of your choice.

But is it going to be awkward?

Maybe for the first session (sort of like a first date) but then after that, not at all.  We actually like talking out problems with people. Counseling has such a formal stigma and we try to get rid of that.  We did our best to create a space that people would actually want to hang out in.  Sure, you can call it counseling, but it’s so much more than that.  We have board games!!

Seriously though, a lot of the stories you bring to us are things that we’re familiar with.  Some of us have even had counselors when we were young.  Some of us struggled with the very same things you’re coming to us about.  It’s hard to go through life without some kind of hardship and that’s partly why we became counselors.  We want to help people who are going through tough stuff.  We’d like to be those people who help you heal, to be stronger, connect the dots and figure stuff out.  (Who knows, maybe these things you’re going through now will make you an AMAZING counselor someday!)

Will anyone find out about my personal stuff?

The answer is NO. Nada. Zip. ZeroNothingNot a word.  Your private conversations stay between your counselor and you.  Unless you give us expressed permission to do so, we won’t even acknowledge that you are coming to thethirdchair.

  • So if parents call and want to know, we don’t tell them.

  • And if your best friend calls and wants to know, we don’t tell them.

  • And if your college calls and wants to know, we don’t tell them.

  • And if your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife calls and wants to know, we don’t tell them.

One serious exception applies: In the event that an individual expresses intent to harm him or herself or others, then we are required by law in the State of Michigan to report that information to the proper resources.

What can 3rdchair do for me?

Well, that depends on what you want to talk about.  We have an eclectic and experienced staff and that is familiar with all sorts of cases. 

Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • feeling sad?

  • feeling angry?

  • addicted to porn?

  • having panic attacks?

  • turning to alcohol /drugs?

  • having suicidal thoughts?

  • struggling with family life?

  • having money problems?

  • sexual, physical or emotional abuse?

  • struggling with past abuse?

  • struggling with depression?

  • feeling like you don’t belong?

  • harming yourself?

  • feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

  • having a bad religious experience?

  • grieving the loss of someone you love?

  • young and married and having problems?

  • having a hard time figuring out who you are?

  • overwhelmed with school?

  • having relationship / friendship problems?

Whatever is it, we’ve seen it, and some of us have even lived it.  Thus, we’re ready to receive whatever junk you bring through our doors.  We assure you, we can handle it.  Please contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.